Weekly Wrap – Week 8

After a short hiatus the Weekly Wrap is back on a weekend where much promise led to some disappointment.

The D Grade took the long and arduous journey down to Mount Compass, looking to rebound from last weeks disappointing performance. Missed chances in the first half saw the game 0-0 at the break, leaving the coach wanting more composure in front of goal, and a more concerted effort. After 15 minutes of the second half, and some more missed chances, an OISC free-kick finally broke the deadlock. The cross coming out to Michael Pannunzio, who put the ball to an overlapping Will Ventura, who was able to provide the much needed breakthrough. A solid defensive performance, and some timewasting, ensured the lead was kept until captain David Leach extended the lead. A clean sheet and 2-0 victory was the reward for a fantastic defensive effort by the likes of Harry Tsagaris and Peter Cates.

The C Grade were dominated by a St Peters side who were looking for a game of Gaelic football after the match. The C’s were not able to get any momentum going and struggled to repel Saints strong and continual attacking moves. In the end the result proved somewhat inevitable with Saints taking a 2-0 victory.

Meanwhile up on the Lloyd the B Grade took the lead in the opening 3 minutes with a Rowan Thomas corner finding the head of Tom John Smith. The lead however did not hold for long with Saints taking advantage of some disorganization in defence to cut through 3 players to level the match. From here the match settled down into an end to end contest with both sides having opportunities to further the scoring throughout the half, but the scoreline remained 1-1 at half time. Coming out of the break, yet again OISC found themselves on the hop conceding early. Attempting to chase another to level the match up again, more players were pushed forward but inevitably it would be defensive errors which would cost OISC another and see the match finish with a disappointing 3-1 defeat.

The A Grade also found themselves chasing the game early with Saints dominating the play early. A long ball in from Mike Manou to Elias Khoury who popped it over the head of the keeper rushing out from the goal leveled the match and helped OISC settle. The match then settled into an even contest, OISC possibly having the greater balance of chances to extend the scoring. In the second half OISC should have taken the lead with a Nick Barbieri shot desperately cleared off the line. A knee injury to Jesse Richter put a stop to his good game and the OISC momentum with Saints taking advantage of the break in play to reset and catch the OISC defence off guard to steal the lead and maintain it to the final whistle to take a shattering 2-1 victory.

Next week all teams return to the Superdome with the A,B and C Grades taking on BOSA while the D’s welcome St Peters. On Sunday the OISC women return to action taking on the Pembroke Queens.

DON’T FORGET, Quiz Night is this Saturday night at the St Ignatius’ Parish Hall, Queen Street Norwood. $10 entry, full Bar facilities will be available along with the famous raffle and Silent auction with some great prizes. Check out the event for full details.