Weekly Wrap – Week 18

Ladies Day, defensive prowess and Sunday Funday headlined a weekend where results across the leagues have set up a big finish to the season.

The E Grade again found themselves struggling against a Strathalbyn side who had the better of them in the Round 6 fixture, a match of few highlights for the OISC side who had to replace the injured Tom Earls in goal first with Gianluigi Tallarida before Danzo stepped in. Strath were dominant and did enough to take the match 3-1, Rob Anfiteatro on the board once again for OISC.

The D Grade started brilliantly against a weak Strathalbyn side, looking for revenge after a poor performance last time out. With Phil Dichiera bossing the midfield, Jack Cooke opened the scoring with a cool finish one on one with the goalkeeper. Peter Cates sent Neo Yao through, but he couldn’t replicate Jack’s finish, thanks to a great stop by the Strathalbyn GK, who backed up from the previous game. Early in the second half, Cooke made it 2-0 with a carbon copy of the first goal. Mark Andrawos and Greg Buch both ensured we kept control of the ball, and the game. Strathalbyn got a goal back, which made for a tense final 20 minutes, but the composure to see the game out was a fantastic performance by the lads.

The C Grade went ahead of Red Blue Eagles in familiar style namely the head of Trent Spinelli. A match though which the C’s should have been dominating they were struggling to find their footing. It was a match where the C’s were unable to take their chances and such kept the Eagles in the match. This opportunity was seized upon as the Eagles drew level. For the remainder of the match OISC looked to get their lead back but were lacking a spark to again be left to share the points at the Superdome and rue another missed chance.

The B Grade expected a tough clash against a Red Blue Eagles side 5 points ahead and who played out a 4-3 nail biter with in Round 6. The second clash however was not living up to its blockbuster billing with OISC clearly on top; Shaun George getting the opener followed by a second to Raf Ceravolo whose shot across goal to Blakey saw him have a shot, the rebound from the keeper ending up back where it started with Raf. At the other end the Eagles had a chance to bring one back from the spot as the break approached. The shot not going anywhere near wide enough of Mark who scooped it up and kept the 2 goal lead in tact. The second half did not provide the same highlights as the first, with no further goals but still enough for a 2-0 victory. The win a vital three points which with some other unexpected results keeps them in with a shot, only one game behind the league leaders.

The A Grade were chasing an important points against a Red Blue Eagles side who were brought back to the pack in recent weeks and were going to have to play catch-up as they did in Round 6 with Nick Barbieri taking his first chance on goal very well to give OISC the lead. The A’s continued to hold sway throughout the half, Andy working hard through the midfield with Stents also providing good defensive cover to keep the lead intact. Eagles had the chance to draw the match level in the second half as the pass-back reared its head for the second time against the Eagles in 2016 but unlike last time in the B’s they were unable to convert; the free hitting the wall and ricocheting clear. OISC continued to search for the goal that would finish the game off but in the dying minutes of the match an Eagles ball into the box in turn found its way out wide to an unmarked player who drilled the ball low and hard to the far post to slot in the equaliser to see the match end a 1-1 stalemate.

On Sunday the Lady Wolves looked to carry the form that saw them earn a spot in the Cup Final mid-week into their final league game of the year against Westminster. The girls got things underway early as Eliza found Christine from the corner for an early lead. This proved to be the highlight of the half with the ball spending a lot of time simply ping-ponging its way from end to end, neither side able to make the most of their chances on goal. In the second half Coach Kapnistis decided to have a bit of fun and change things up sending Chloe Murray forward to chase the elusive goal. Needing to show her defensive colleagues that to score the ball goes into the net, Eliza extended the advantage to two before the schooling paid off as Chloe made the lead three. Job done Chloe returned satisfied to defence and Lucia Caretti headed down for a piece of the attacking action; Ellie scoring though to give OISC 4. In the mayhem Westminster brought two back in quick succession to keep the game interesting but the defensive crew were having none of it, Lucia following the footsteps scoring the fifth. Enya Malbon charged up front in the dying minutes to replicate her defensive colleagues success; but it looked like it wasn’t to be until what proved to be the very last play of the match, slotting home the sixth to see the girls win 6-2 and finish third for the third successive year.

Next week it’s all about the Cup and catch-up games as the A Grade travel to BOSA on Saturday in the Quarter Final of the Challenge Cup, the D and E Grades meanwhile head down the coast to Port Elliot to take on Southern Breakers and on Monday night the C Grade head to BOSA for a top of the table clash. The Lady Wolves have wrapped up their League season but will now be preparing for their Cup Final on September 4th.