Weekly Wrap – Week 17

Rays of sunshine, an important win, an unlucky defeat headlined another week on the road for the club.

The E Grade headed north to take on namesakes, Northern Wolves. Struggling with numbers thanks to extensive unavailability OISC fought bravely against a side who dominated play and maintained a bulk of play forcing the defensive line to continue to work tirelessly all day. There was little in the way of highlights for E’s with the exception of a Craig Walker performance that turned back the clock and included OISC’s only goal in a 5-1 defeat.

The D’s meanwhile also found themselves under early defensive pressure but this nearly saw them take the lead with a Dan Pace kick from the defensive side of the centre circle headed for the top corner and only denied by a brilliant save from the “other” wolves keeper. From here it became a tough day for OISC with the other red and blue wolves taking control and maintaining a bulk of possession in attack. OISC did not make life easy for themselves with Browny’s clinical pass back managing to chip Iordy from 25 yds to create a new favourite for Silver Boots. Despite the score line Iordy was having an outstanding game in goals, faced with three penalties, pulling off two saves and coming close to saving the third it kept the score line from growing from the 8-0 which proved to be the final margin.

The C Grade headed to a well groomed lawn to take on St Peters and started slowly. Needing someone to make a statement and to give him something to talk about in the staff room this week Rocco D’Onofrio stepped up for OISC to open the scoring. Saints were able to level the match through a penalty. From here both sides pushed hard for a second, the OISC defence particularly Peter D’Argenio and keeper Ronnie Arboit held firm to not let attacking moves through. At the other end OISC pushed forward but likewise were unable to get the defence. For the closing minutes OISC had to hold out with 10 men following Adam Kangas being sent from the field for being mean. In the end the match ended in a fair competitive 1-1 draw.

The B Grade found the going difficult right from the start going down one and soon two goals early. They had little in the way of possession or chances to press forward to be able to create scoring opportunities with a number of players struggling to keep up with the pace of the game. Saints continued to create chances down the other end putting in a third before half time. In the second half the game did settle down into more of an end to end affair. OISC still were clearly below their best and were not able to break through the Saints defence, until a Peter D’Argenio shot late was sent flying over the bar. The match not moving from the half time score line, finishing with a 3-0 Saints win.

The A Grade was out to right the wrongs of last week and dominated play early putting the Saints defence under pressure. Realising they had a game on their hands Saints tried to lift the intensity but they were frustrated by the OISC midfield who were continually hassling and beating those through their midfield. As the half went on Saints tried to use their quality to gain the upper hand. The OISC defence however was comfortable with Stavros pulling off some important saves and ably assisted by the defenders who themselves saved some nervous moments on the goal line. In the second half OISC was conscious to not let the pressure drop and concede early in the half. However for once the pressure applied by OISC paid off at the other end catching Saints out through a quick counter attack through Simon, Carbs and Davide. The move broke down but rebounded outside the 18 yard box to Gary, who struck it first time with his left into the top right hand corner. OISC continued to build on the momentum looking for a second. The match continued to be slowed by the mysterious absence of any more than one match ball… this did nothing to break OISC’s focus as they continued to deny Saints attacking moves. At the final whistle OISC’s dominant all round team performance saw them take a 1-0 win and once again sing the song and maintain the edge on the Lloyd.

The OISC women headed to neutral territory to take on Mercedes in the Cup Semi Final. The match started evenly, both sides having chances. OISC effectively pushed the ball down the left giving Sarah Tronnolone chances to shoot on goal. The defence held strong led again by Lucia Caretti who cleared out attacking move after another. The shots that did get past went no further with Josephine Ceravolo pulling off vital saves, coupled with strong kick outs allowing the midfield opportunity to send the ball forward. Gabby Parente continued to be creative with assistance from Leah and Natalia feeding the ball through to create further attacking moves, but OISC lacked the finish in the final third to convert, finding they were also being blunted by certain “interpretations.” In the second half OISC started slowly making errors uncharacteristic of recent form. Mercedes capitalised on this scoring a cracker from outside the box for the lead. Finding they too were unable to score from close range OISC looked wider with an Alysia Panagakos corner coming close. Again hard work in the midfield sent the ball forward; a foul seeing OISC line up again for a shot at goal; with Alysia’s long range shot forcing a reaction from the keeper who had to meet the curling ball. With 10 to play, Coach Rossi implemented a go for broke strategy pushing extra numbers forward to chase the equaliser. OISC lifted the intensity putting Mercedes under sustained pressure forcing defensive errors which went unrewarded. The big OISC crowd urged the girls on and were chided by others for their statements of fact but in the end despite a late chance coming agonisingly close it wasn’t enough with Mercedes taking the match 1-0 bringing to an end an excellent and historic Cup run for the OISC women.

Next week the men move into Cup mode with the B’s travelling to take on Salisbury Florina on Sunday. Not all of the other teams are lucky to get a weekend off with the C, D and E Grades all taking to the field in catch-up games at Glenunga on Saturday. The C’s take on Sturt Marion while the D’s and E’s play Adelaide Uni Grey. The OISC women return in league action, travelling face Seymour Green.