Weekly Wrap – Week 10

Cup Round, byes and big goals saw mixed results for the two sides in action.

The D Grade took centre stage at the Superdome on Saturday as they continued their crucial month of matches against the fellow top 4 sides. Sitting 3 points behind BOSA, from the outset OISC went hunting for chances which were limited for both sides early on. OISC took the lead in the middle of the first half, with almost predictably; a Danzo-Long-Throw finding the head of Mark “Johnno” Johnson, who guided the ball into the top corner. The old adage of being most vulnerable just after you’ve scored proved true once again, conceding a sloppy goal from a corner within a minute of going ahead. Coming into the break a scuffed clearance from keeper Mark Andrawos which put everyone on edge quickly turned as the ball proceeded along the ground through many players before ending up with Joe Rugari, who found his way through on goal, restoring the lead. Jose Zeyala was instrumental in the middle of the pitch, being able to retain possession and draw fouls, allowing the defence respite from continual BOSA attacks. OISC’s third goal came from another long throw, which Joel Ortner was able to put away. The game ended in some controversy, however, with the BOSA captain being sent off for a brutal “tackle” on Jose. The final whistle saw OISC with a 3-1 victory and with other results sees the D’s move to equal top (2nd on GD) with an important fortnight ahead of them.

On Sunday  the OISC Women had a tough game up against St Peters Girls. As the game began to unfold Saints gained the upper hand capitalising on OISC’s slow reaction and second arrival at the ball to put the defence under pressure early; Chloe Murray particularly working hard to keep the scoring chances at bay. As the half continued the girls began to get the ball forward to create some scoring chances of their own. The 0-0 half time score line perhaps not a true reflection of the match but nonetheless gave an opportunity to put in a strong second half. Once again however Saints were able to capitalise on being first to every ball to again create attacking chances. OISC again began to build into the match creating some chances of their own but were unable to convert. The pressing for goal however exposed some defensive vulnerabilities with OISC conceding two poor goals to give Saints command of the match on the scoreboard. In the dying minutes Rachel Varricchio took control of a high ball with one touch, back to goal, before turning a player and hitting a fantastic 25 yard shot into the top left hand corner to bring some consolation to the 2-1 final scoreline.

Next week the men play the final round of the first half of the year as the A/B/C Grades head south to take on Sturt Marion, the D Grade meanwhile remain at the Superdome where they will take on Brahma Lodge. On Sunday  at the Superdome the OISC Women move back into Cup mode as they take on Div 4 side Ingle Farm in the Quarter Final.