Weekly Wrap – Round 9

Poker Night, wet weather and golden gloves headlined a weekend which saw some disappointing results across the club.

The E Grade came up against East Adelaide in a game which they hoped would put them back in the running, however they faced opposition who it was apparent were playing at a level below the skill level of some of their players. OISC struggled to create chances and were having to grimly defend their goal for most of the game. In the end East Adelaide ran out 5-1 winners, Avi Ringel scoring OISC’s goal.

The D Grade faced a situation similar to that of the E’s finding themselves outclassed by the opposition who were able to create chances with ease. Comfortably holding a lead over OISC, Jim Koufalis was able to put in a reply to bring the score to 3-1 which it held at for a while but in the end East Adelaide pulled away to take a 6-1 win.

The C Grade took on Titans hoping to build on their good form of the past few weeks. They too found the going tough with the opposition going forward putting the OISC defence under pressure early. The boys were able to create some chances, unfortunately not always at the attacking end of the pitch, with this Titans extended their advantage to take a 5-1 win. Phillip Dichiera finally completing a cumulative 90 minutes for the season celebrated by scoring his second goal for the season.

The B Grade came up against a side which should have seen OISC dominate. Titans however got the upper hand early taking the lead and outplaying the B’s who were making unnecessary errors. Falling behind failed to lift the side with Titans extending their advantage, and creating many more chances; some great keeping from Anthony Verlato stopping the lead from growing further. An off the bench goal from Martin Radcliffe sparked some life but it was all to late with Titans taking a 2-1 win.

The A Grade knew they could not settle for anything less than 3 points. They were slow to get off the mark with Titans dictating the early play. This paid off as they took an early lead through lapses in the OISC defence. Shell-shocked, OISC re-grouped, pressing forward the attacking duo created a number of chances with Chris Gauro eventually scoring the equaliser. At half-time OISC needed to re-focus and came back a more determined side working as a unit with the ball being commanded through the midfield by Mick Dunstan and Elias Khoury allowing Chris Gauro to give OISC the lead. Desperate for a third to put the result beyond doubt they continued to push as Titans desperately tried to tie the match. A penalty awarded to Titans had OISC on tenterhooks but the golden gloves of keeper Ronnie Arboit safely kept the ball out. Some more great saves late in the game allowed OISC to take a 2-1 win.

Some huge matches await next week with the A/B/C grades travelling to take on BOSA, the C & D Grades take on Cobras while on Sunday at Glenunga the OISC women return to action taking on new side Pembroke.

Thanks to all of those who came to the OISC Poker Night on Saturday, it was a great night for the club with everyone enjoying the night, congratulations to Marco Spinelli who avenged his second place last year by taking the honours at the final table.