Weekly Preview – Week 4

Welcome to the Weekly Preview for Round 4 brought to you by Systematic Computers; a publication which many of you may note features a number of items from the Cynical Hack, a document which itself has disappeared this year. Where is it and where is Marz, has he really been busy with work or has he #changed?


The D Grade after their first round loss have had two big wins to begin to build a strong campaign in 2015. This weekend Danzo’s men head west to league HQ at Grange to take on Monarchs who have had a mixed start to the year, winning only 1 of their first three and suffering a heavy 7-1 defeat last week. In their first home game of the year Monarchs will be hoping that home ground will be an advantage. OISC on the other hand will hope that their broad range of attacking targets will be a key weapon along with the Danzo long throw which has assisted a goal in each victory this season.

The C Grade meanwhile are again at the Superdome taking on a Wanderers side who took the points in both meetings in 2014, scoring 6 goals to OISC’s zero. They will look to set this to right on the back of last weeks 7-0 domination of Stirling. The Wanderers side they take on has had a mixed start to the year, not to the level achieved in 2014. Nevertheless OISC will be looking maintain last weeks momentum, AK will again be an important target with his pace but also the knowledge that when he scores he scores multiple goals. The defensive unit, while it did not have a lot to do last week will need to be mindful their opposition is averaging at least 2 goals a match in the early part of the year so Ryan Dew along with the expected return of Paul Barolo will need to lead a strong line to arrest this trend.

The B Grade defeated Wanderers in their first meeting last year 4-1 with Andrew Rossi scoring a double and Ronnie contributing a long range assist. In the return leg OISC let skill errors dictate losing that match 2-0. Wanderers have made a strong start to their 2015 campaign remaining unbeaten for the season, scoring an average 3 goals per game. After poor performances in their opening two matches, the B’s bounced back last week taking a 2-1 victory. They will be buoyed by the continued good form of Nick Barbieri who with an adjusted radar will continue to be dangerous. A bolstered defence this week will look to position themselves to address the attacking power of their opposition.

The A Grade after two wins faltered last week suffering a 3-1 defeat. In the corresponding match last year at Glenunga OISC had an early 2-0 lead but had defensive lapses in the second half which allowed Wanderers to level the match 2-2. OISC will be looking to the attacking duo of Carbs and Gauro who were pivotal in the away victory to bring the form to this match but will need to not leave it until the last minute to take the points. Wanderers have been prolific scorers early scoring 14 goals, the second most of any side in the league however they have also conceded 7 which has for them not translated to an unblemished start to the year. Given this high scoring rate the OISC defence will need to be on its game, Julian Sartoretto in particular will prove pivotal. OISC will also be looking to exploit the Wanderers defence but will need to be mindful that they can’t expect an easy run.

The OISC women following a strong start to the season thanks to strong all round performances face up to fierce rivals Mercedes Old Collegians. The two sides developing quite a history which came to a crescendo last year in the Cup Semi Final which Mercedes so cruelly scored a 1-0 victory and path to the final. OISC have never defeated Mercedes in a league match but as the rivalry has gone on a number of pulsating draws have been played out with Mercedes needing to scramble to level the game late. This match is expected to once again be a classic, the early season form of Eliza Sims and Sarah Tronnolone will prove pivotal in determining whether OISC can finally break through.

oisc.com.au took the time to ask Enya Malbon about the OISC women v Mercedes rivalry
Give us some insight into the OISC v Mercedes Rivalry.
OISC and Mercedes have always been fierce rivals. Over the past three years we have always fought hard during these games but have never been able to steal the win. We are determined to break this in the upcoming game and take home some bragging rights.
The cup semi last year where Mercedes stole the game, how much motivation is there to set that day right?
That was a tough loss for the girls, the game was nil all for the majority of the game with everyone hungry for the ball. It was a sweltering day, on a much larger pitch, which really tested our fitness but the eagerness to win and the support from the guys on the sideline was really motivating. Unfortunately Mercedes nabbed a lucky shot and took the win. We are ready to beat Mercedes and with the new additions to the team already having a positive impact, I think we are extremely capable.
Apart from the cup semi, is there a particular moment/match vs Mercedes that sticks with you?
Unlike many of the OISC members who can seem to recall detailed plays from past games, I can’t seem to remember much except the feeling I get every time we play them… The nerves and hunger to win. One moment I do remember is from the school Intercol when I managed to score a goal from half way to put us in the lead to steal the game.
Mercedes and Ignatius also have the Intercol rivalry, how much does this play a role?
Coming from Ignatius into the old scholars team, the Mercedes rivalry has always impacted my mind set when playing against them. It has been one of my own personal goals for our team to beat Mercedes and I’m hoping that this is the year to do it. The defence will be fighting hard to keep a clean sheet in the upcoming match!
Yourself, a stalwart of a defence who concedes very few goals what’s the secret to success?
A stalwart! Well, I think that it’s all in how the defence works as a unit. We are extremely lucky to have a solid defence team that works really well together with Lucia at the helm. Going into our fourth year as a team, knowing how each other play and having communication is key to ensuring that we do not concede.
The lady wolves have had a good start to the season, what do you hope to achieve from season 2015?
Our main goal is to finish in the top three on the ladder. I believe that this year is the strongest team we have had since forming a women’s team. We definitely have the ability to beat the top teams, it’s a matter of keeping focus and hunting for the win. I have high hopes for season 2015 and under the great coaching of Daniel and Julian, anything is possible.

Finally once again we put it to you. This week we ask, who is most likely to miss a clear shot on open goal?

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