Weekly Preview – Week 3

Welcome to the second Weekly Preview for Season 2015 brought to you by Architects Ink; as we return to the Superdome this weekend for another busy Saturday of matches.

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The D Grade welcome Munno Para City to Glenunga for their Round 3 clash who are another Sunday team who are making a foray into the ranks of Saturday amateur football. Whilst not a lot is known about their opponents, supporters will remember the B Grade’s victory over Munno Para in the second round of the reserve cup last year. What is known is that Munno Para have gone down in both of their first two matches 5-3 and 6-1 respectively. The D’s bounced back from their loss in round 1 to defeat Angle Vale 3-1 last week with Michael Pannunzio even managing to score. They built some strong attacking pressure and with these past results in mind will look to be able to build some strong attacking pressure once again, the Danzo long throw again potentially proving to be the key.

The C’s face a Stirling side who in the current team structure they have never faced in a league match. When the E Grade last played the corresponding Stirling side at Glenunga in 2012, the hills dwellers stormed to a 5-0 victory. More recently however the two sides did face off in the pre-season, OISC coming out on top with an entertaining 3-2 victory; Daniel Arbon again almost a hero with 2 goals. Whilst they have made a start to the year below their own expectations with a number of players moving in and out of the side they will look to settle things down this week and use the advantage of already having played their opposition.

The C Grade match last week saw a proud moment for the club with the name Spinelli once again on the team sheet with the debuts of Trent and Tom Spinelli. oisc.com.au asked the boys what it was like to be part of that moment of OISC history.
What is it like following in the footsteps of your dad and uncle in playing for OISC?
Trent: I had always been the one brother to never quit soccer throughout my schooling. I knew since a young age that I was 100% going to play for OISC, the added encouragement from my uncle also fuelled the desire. My dad has always been the person I had looked up to and I always feel good when someone tells me I look exactly like him or mention him being the founder of the club many years ago. I almost feel it is my obligation to continue the Spinelli legacy for many more years.
Thomas: Growing up and watching my dad and uncle play was always exciting. I always wanted to play for OISC when I was older. It feels good to be able to keep the Spinelli name alive at the club.
What is like playing with your brother and other guys from the school?
Trent: I had played soccer with my brother many times before in club level and in school level so it was nothing new to me the day he debuted for OISC. As for playing with him and playing with friends from school, it’s good because I know them already and it’s always better playing with people you are close with. I hope I can also become close with other OISC members in whatever team I play for.
Thomas: He’s an alright guy (sometimes) so its good to be able to play with him. The other guys from school are always good for a laugh so it was good to have a group of us sign up.
How have you adjusted to playing with the Godfather of OISC Renato Arboit and the life lessons Ron provides?
Trent: The wisdom of Ronnie is not new to me, if anything it has just been enhanced ten-fold. After Saturday morning school soccer a couple years ago I would go to lunch with my uncle and sometimes Ronnie would join us so I already experienced the person he is. Given how close he is to my uncle and was with my dad our relationship was strong from the get go. I know playing with me makes him feel like old times and the memories of playing with the previous generation of Spinellis.
Thomas: Watching Ron back in the days was always a laugh. (Either laughing with him or at him). Being in goals I spend a fair bit of time training with him so I can learn a few tips and tricks from the godfather. He has also shared some stories from when he used to race motorbikes with Mick Doohan or F1 with Senna back in the days.
Who would you trust to take the penalty to win the Cup Final?
Trent: Leachy
Thomas: Trent would choke under pressure, Ron would overthink it; so it would be Leachy.
What do you hope to get out of season 2015?
Trent: As for 2015 I want to develop bonds with the other OISC players in whatever team I play for so that trainings and games can become that much more enjoyable than they already are.
Thomas: After 6 years without playing this season I look to get back into the game as much as I can and hopefully play a good role in whatever team I play in.
Future committee members or A Graders?
Trent: As for the future I just want to be involved in the club as much as possible and I can see it becoming a big part of my life.
Thomas: I hope to aim for an A or B grade position but as time goes on there is always the possibility of a committee position in the future.
spinelliWho are these faces?????

The B Grade having a very poor game last week take on a Stirling side who have opened their season 1 and 1, losing to St Peters last week. The three year time between when the sides last met will see a significantly different side take the field with only 1 player who took part in the last match expected to take the field again in the match on Saturday. OISC took the points in both matches in the 2012 season including a 6-0 drubbing at Glenunga; Tom Smith scoring a double in that match. This weekend they will be looking to put the first two weeks behind them and build some consistency particularly in the defensive third. The hope that Nick Barbieri can continue to efficiently create scoring opportunities at the other end.

The A Grade will be looking to continuing to build on their positive start to the season following their 2-0 victory against Comets, commanding large portions of the match. OISC recorded modest 1-0 victories in both meetings with Stirling in season 2012, the match at Bradwood Park more fondly remembered for some on-field “antics” rather than the football itself. Julian Sartoretto has proven to be strong in defence in the opening weeks, Elias Khoury and Michael Manou will also look to keep command of the midfield whilst the Carbs/Gauro combination may re-form for the first time for the year at the attacking end. They will also hope that Anthony Verlato can follow up on an outstanding clean sheet again this week.

The OISC women stormed into the round of 16 in the Cup after their 8-0 demolition of Northern Wolves and now have a weekend off before returning to league action next weekend against Mercedes Old Collegians.

It wouldn’t be a Weekly Preview without seeing what Danzo has down as certainties for this weekend:
Danzo to get another assist with a long throw: $5.50
Paul Murray to cut that hair: $3.50
Gauro to be offside when given a clear opportunity on goal: $2.50
Gary Dal Broi to sell a box of SA’s finest Menz Fruchocs: $8.00
Daniel Rossi to move Julian Soriano aside as coach of the Women’s Cup Run: $2.85
Phil Dichiera to get injured again: $1.12

Finally once again we put it out to you, who will be the biggest X Factor for their respective team this weekend?

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