Weekly Preview – Week 1

Welcome back to Season 2015 and the first edition of the Weekly Preview. Yes that’s right the Weekly Wrap has spawned to provide a weekly preview of key match days throughout the season.

With the memories of the Cup Final win and celebrations (Where is Banana Man these days?) now a distant memory we look forward to the arrival of Round 1 of Season 2015 at the Superdome in the shadows the imposing new Wolves Den under continuing construction.

The D Grade after an extremely challenging but character building 2014 find themselves merged with the former E Grade, in a new and far more competitive league with Danzo at the helm. A larger pool of players including veterans Radcliffe, Rayner, Forooz and an ageless Leach and Walker are joined by a young brigade to provide the run and penetration and Iordy with the gloves. A promising pre season with three wins; a multitude of goals from an array of sources gives the side a great amount of versatility. This weekend taking on Sunday powerhouse Parafield Gardens who are again making a foray into Saturday football. When Gardens last featured on Saturday in 2012 in Div 4 OISC dominated, winning all matches with an average margin of 5 goals. Whilst the margin is expected to be far tighter this time OISC will hope to channel those past results.

The C Grade who defeated Modbury 3-1 in their single meeting last year return with Jim Koufalis in charge and “Mr Reliable” Frank Maio hot off his cracking strike against Rostrevor with the armband. The side has lost much attacking power with the absence of 2014 leading goalscorer Rocco D’Onofrio but has picked up the attacking pace of AK Akuen and hero Daniel Arbon who have both been dangerous in pre-season. Defensively they have also bolstered with Paul Barolo taking up residence in the centre of defence and Zoff Arboit again in goals. The C’s also stand to benefit from depth at the top so stay tuned for a promising season.

The B Grade while letting chances slip in the league finished 2014 on a high with the 6-1 victory over Elizabeth Downs in the Cup Final. Taking the coaching role full time Daniel Rossi (who some say still has the smirk from the Cup Final win) has benefited with an injection of young blood and existing players who have a full season under their belts. Their pre season has been promising going through undefeated with double digit goals scored, both Nick Barbieri and Rowan Thomas key attacking targets. Defensively they have strengthened with John & Tom Smith forming the backbone, but also able to sneak forward and steal each others goals. This weekend they take on a Modbury side who made it to the Cup Semis but struggled to gain traction in the league. OISC took the points in their single meeting last year with a 3-1 victory, commanding a majority of play in their attacking half and will again look to keep the attacking pressure on.

The A Grade putting 2014 behind them have all (even Gauro) put in a solid pre-season as they look to return to the upper end of the table. Welcoming new coach Theo Mylonas, the A’s have been fortunate to pick up some key players bringing both youth and vital experience. When OISC and Modbury met in Round 1 of 2014, Jets ran out 4-3 winners as OISC ran out of legs despite an early 2-0 lead. This match also saw the arrival of the new messiah Raf Ceravolo, will he be unleashed again this week?

oisc.com.au asked Theo a few questions about his OISC baptism and hopes for this season.
Your first OISC memory? Playing against OISC when I had my own team in the Collegiate League. It was a successful experience for my team but we played against some excellent gentlemen the likes of the late Mr Spinelli, ‘Woody’ and Stephen Uren. Unfortunately the tables turned when I coached Vipers and needed a win on the last match day to win the championship – only for OISC to have 11 players defending very deep, (including the referee) and Luigi Buffon in goals. We drew 2-2 and I had to hear this Kitching fellow ring Salisbury Villa to congratulate them on the title…….not happy.
Where did you come from before joining OISC? Too many clubs to mention but as a player I represented Zone, State and trained with the Joeys. Played an won a national Youth league title with West Adelaide. After some serious leg injuries I played Amatuer soccer at many clubs in the west. Coaching wise; I have been coaching kids and adults from 1994. I currently hold the State SAPSASA Football (soccer) coaching position for the next two years.
OISC as a multi-cultural club. Multi-cultural for sure. With a Greek background I’m definitely on the outer in terms of this but many have been warm and accepting of my cultural background.
What are your goals for 2015? Hopefully team orientated – attacking possession based football. Sounds good but the boys have worked hard to listen to Daniel and I at training and games to learn new styles of play and new training methods. Our main aim is to win every game if possible, from there we shall see what happens but we can only focus on round 1 – vs. Modbury
What are your personal goals for 2015? To implement my thoughts on how the game should be played and getting the boys to put this into practice. As a club we should always aim to win, be good sportsmen and develop a good community spirit. I would personally like to un-earth a new talent from within the ranks to become a club legend in the future or someone in the mould of the great ‘Leachy’.

The OISC women have already got their season off to a winning start with a 5-2 victory  against Seymour Pink last week. Again under the control of Coach Rossi and now apprentice Julian Soriano the side has lost some key players but also picked up some quality to adequately counter, Sarah Tronnolone again proving to be dangerous, how many will she score (or even miss!!!) this year? This week in Round 2 they face quality opposition in Seymour Blue; these matches always proving to be tight and generally high scoring contests. While Seymour won both matches last year the corresponding match at Glenunga saw a fierce battle; OISC having more chances and Seymour taking their eye off the ball but still able to steal the game late. They will need to be mindful that OISC will be looking to make amends and also keep an eye out for and “clearances” from half way.

Finally we put it to you the readers, which of these is more likely to happen this weekend? (Results will appear in the Weekly Wrap)

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