OISC Fantasy Football Competition

OISC is launching its own Fantasy Football Competition for season 2016, select a squad of your fellow teammates from the men and the lady wolves, you can even select yourself to see who will reign supreme.

Taking part in this competition may provide answers to questions you’ve never wondered about like: How many points is Leachy worth? What value is Ronnie? Who is better, Chloe or Blakey? Will Barone worry as much about this dream team as well? Who really is the right Smith? And is Carbs truly the messiah?

$20 to enter
Once you’ve paid the entry fee you’ll receive the league code to get started.

What’s the Prize
A cash prize will be on offer for the winner and second place.

How it works
Participants choose 15 players (including 4 substitutes) to form their mySquad. Each team must comprise of two goal keepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.* From the 15 chosen players, you must select your starting squad and your substitutes.

If a player listed in the starting line up does not play, the substitute will automatically replace the player in the same position (i.e. Substitute Defender can replace a Defender only). If a participant’s substitutes are exhausted they will receive no points for the player that could not be replaced.

Unlimited transfers can be made prior to the first game being played. Thereafter a limit of 2 transfers per week will be imposed up to a maximum of 30 transfers for the season. Transfers not used in any given week will carry forward.

Participants are permitted to make changes to their team prior to 11pm Friday.

A salary cap of $100,000,000 will be imposed. Participant’s will not be permitted to select a squad that exceeds this limit.

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