Men’s Registrations Season 2020

Subs Season 2020

Subs for Season 2020 are once again $280.00 and include a pair of our brand new playing shorts.
The payment of subs for 2020 has changed:
$215.00 will be payable to the club via cash or EFT.
The remaining $65.00 will be payable direct to the SAASL when your register for season 2020.

Registrations Season 2020

For Season 2020 the SAASL are utilising the FFA’s Registration manager (Play Football), below are the instructions of what you will need to do to register for OISC in season 2020.

Step 1: Create your “Football Account” (this is different to MyFootballClub used in previous years)
If you do not have a current Football account, visit and register. When registering ensure that you use the same email address you used for previous seasons (generally an address such as your personal gmail) as this will allow you to “claim” your previous registration history (If you registered for OISC in 2019 you will have already have an account which you have “claimed” and do not need to create a new one). If you are unsure of what email address you have used before please ask Steven Sinclair. If the system tells you an account already exists for your email please use your email to reset your password on the login page.

Step 2: Begin your OISC Registration and claim your profile
Visit and select “Get Started”. If you are an existing participant logging in for the first time you will be asked to “claim” your account details which will link your old registration to this profile. Ensure that the club you are registering to is called “Old Ignatians (SAASL)”, select your registration product (ROLE = Player, FOOTBALL TYPE = Club Football, PLAYING LEVEL = Community), update your contact details and add your profile image to continue.

Step 3: Review your Registration and accept T&C’s
Review your registration and click on the check box accepting all terms and conditions.

Step 4: Payment screen
You will need to pay $65 to complete your registration, this is paid directly to the league to cover your registration cost. (In previous years the club has collected this as part of your subs and paid it to the SAASL).

For a full description of the registration process please read the Old Ignatians 2020 Registrations Guide