Keep Calm & Create

After more then 30 years, we believe it’s time for an identity refresh. Some will say long over due, while others will say we are super cool because we’re holding on a retro logo, but we say it’s time for OISC to at least catch-up and re-define themselves.

And when we mean identity refresh, we will start with the brand — a new logo.

We want to take expression of interests, ideas, thoughts, scribbles, mock-ups, anything really in helping us with this process.

We will give you a month, all of June 2018 to send us something. We will then take the ideas, work on them and release options for consideration in August.

The idea is to have this new identity ready for season 2019, which will come with, get excited, new strips with new shorts! Sounds ages away, but these things take time and value input and opinion of those that know us.

Note, the name (Old Ignatians’ Soccer Club) and colours (Primary: Red and Blue. Secondary: Yellow) will stay the same.

Please email [email protected] with your ideas.