Congratulations to our Centurions

This weekend’s Round 10 Women’s Collegiate League fixture sees two of our ‘original’ Lady Wolves and old scholars; Natalia Rossi and Enya Malbon become the first women in OISC history to play 100 games for the club. In honour of this achievement we take a look back on their highlights of those first 100 games.

Natalia Rossi

Better known as sister of Daniel and daughter of Romano, Natalia has become a staple in the midfield and has been partnered with many team mates over the years and has been just as effective at doing her job and putting the opposition off of doing theirs. Her passion for the game, and vocal nature galvanising those players around her to get the best out of them both on and off the field. Not a recognised goalscorer having only pushed forward to score 5 goals in her 99 games to date but she does choose her moments to put the ball in the back of the net carefully. This is most memorably characterised by her clutch sudden death penalty in the 2016 Cup Final; the shot going to the left and well out of reach of the keeper, this spot kick proving to be the one that won the shootout and first ever trophy for the women’s side. On an individual level her value as a member of the side was recognised in 2016 when she was deservedly voted by her team mates as the Players Player of the year.

We asked Natalia a few questions about reaching the 100 game milestone.
What it feels like to be the first to reach the 100 game milestone? To be honest I had no idea I was even close to reaching 100 games. It feels like yesterday that we started the team in 2012 and I feel proud to be celebrating 100 games with OISC. Not to mention reaching this as the same time as Enya is even better, we’ve been playing together since school so there is no one else I’d rather share this with.
What are your highlights from the 99 games to date? All 99, stand out because of the level of team effort. In our fourth season we played with 9 girls against Westminster at home, although we prepared for the worst, everyone was focused and we ended up drawing nil – nil. Last season saw us lose in the league to Seymour both home and away 5-0. Going into the Cup semi-final against Seymour, we knew we were the underdogs. The team came together to play one of our best games, Seymour appeared to be confused as to how we were the same team they had defeated 5-0, twice. Winning 2-1 took a team effort and it is definitely one of my fondest memories. The Cup Final also stands out, because as a team we needed to overcome being 2-NIL down after 6 minutes. As you know the game went to penalties and although this relies heavily on individuals scoring, as a team we supported one another and gave each other confidence. My team gave me enough confidence to take the final penalty, knowing that they wouldn’t care if I missed (btw if you missed it – I didn’t).
What does this team mean to you having been there from the start? Look, the team doesn’t mean that much to me, I am a Rossi it is about my passion for the game…jokes. Over the years the team has become closer and it has been amazing to be a part of. It is incredible to have found 16 plus girls who are willing to put up with your savage banter year after year. Unfortunately this season is my last as I am moving to Sydney and I can’t believe how much I am going to miss not only the club but the team mates who have always been there!
Final thought on reaching 100 games for OISC. Just want to say a big thank you to the club! I don’t know any other club where the A Grade coach would take the women’s training or the club President will run the line on a Sunday or the coach would be just as passionate about the women’s team as he was when he was couching the A Grade.


Enya Malbon

The boss of the defence, Enya has been integral in the success of the defensive line of the side which as a result can boast the impressive statistic that on average the side has never conceded on average more than 1.8 goals per game in any season in the teams history. Playing in excess of three quarters of those games in the first 5 years alongside her defensive partner Lucia Caretti, a partnership which sadly did not reform at the start of this season. She has also regularly been part of the leadership group being named Vice Captain on more than one occasion. Like Natalia doesn’t get the opportunity to make many forays forward picking up only two goals in her 99 games to date. Early on in her OISC career this did not deter her though rather making her take matters in her own hands; the result was a memorable goal from halfway to grab a vital share of the points against league pace setter Seymour in 2012. Those who have played in attacking roles for opposition sides will have all been on the end of one of her spectacular and highly effective slide tackles, which have put an end to many attacking play before they have become a serious threat and have been a key contributor to the low numbers of goals conceded by the side.

We also asked Enya the same questions about reaching the 100 game milestone.
What it feels like to be the first to reach the 100 game milestone? It feels pretty special to be the first to reach 100 games with Natalia. We are both original members of the OISC women’s team, with a few more girls not too far behind on reaching their 100 games. It’ll be good to have this one to hold over Chloe Murray!
What are your highlights from the 99 games to date? There have been so many great moments over the years, especially playing with the amazing group of girls that we have. Last year we had a hard fought victory in the cup semifinals with Seymour which was a massive highlight that lead to our Cup victory. Also scoring that goal from halfway in another game against Seymour was a pretty incredible feeling.
What does this team mean to you having been there from the start? I find myself so fortunate to be in a team with such an amazing group of ladies. Over the past six years I have gained great friendships that go beyond the pitch. It makes coming to training and games that much more enjoyable when you have a squad of people that gel and support each other. As a result of this true commradery, it has developed us into a team that has become a real force to be reckoned with on the field.
Final thought on reaching 100 games for OISC. I’ve had the best time being a part of the club and a part of the first OISC women’s team. There have been incredible wins and hard losses, but in the end I can’t help but feel appreciation for all the experiences and people that OISC has given to me.