Let there be light

OISC is pleased to announce that 4 light towers have been installed and all lights are functioning. The middle light tower closest to Windsor Road will be erected in the new financial year, and the old lights on the existing light tower on the corner of L’Estrange Street and Windsor Road will also be replaced in the new financial year.

The middle light tower closest to the building will be erected subject to how much space is required by the building contractor for construction of the new building. The construction works will commence at the end of this current season (September 2014), with completion of the building scheduled for September 2015. The arrangements for change rooms, club rooms and storage will be released as it comes to hand in the coming months.

On Thursday June 5, OISC will be putting on after training drinks at the Maylands as a thank you to all club members and players for the inconvenience with training venues, locations etc.

From this week onwards, training will now be as follows:

Tuesday: All Men’s teams
Wednesday: Women’s Team
Thursday: All Men’s teams