2018 AGM Wrap & 2019 Committee


Following from the 2018 AGM, OISC is pleased to announce the Committee for Season 2019.

Julian Soriano

Michael Pannunzio

Steven Sinclair

General Committee:
Phillip Dichiera
Iordan Kostadinov
Eliza Sims
Julian Sartoretto
Matthew Chandler
Andrew Fortunatow
Jarrad Moffa
Chloe Murray
Trent Spinelli
Julian Titaro

Nicholas Tallarida and Ryan Dew have stepped down from the positions on the committee. We thank them for their contributions to the committee and the club, especially to Nicholas who has served the past 5 years as President and 6 years prior to that as Treasurer.

2019 Coaching

The Club previously announced that Daniel Rossi has been re-appointed as A Grade coach for season 2019. We are also pleased to announce that Adam Ciano will once again take charge of the B Grade.

The club is also pleased to announce that Andrew Grgic has been re-appointed as the women’s coach as they seek secure a third successive title in 2019.

General Business

Updates were also provided on the arrangements the club is party to at Glenunga and how these are benefitting the club going forward.

An update was presented on the first year of the club’s 3 Year Strategic Plan for the 2017-2019 period which sees the club continue to progress on a positive path.

Outgoing President Nicholas Tallarida reflected on his time in the job and the number of landmark achievements that have been achieved in his 12 years on the committee including the development of the Glenunga facility, establishment of the women’s team and development of sound strategic platform for the club going forward. The club and committee thank Nicholas for his tireless service to the club.